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Android Smartphones and Tablets are good form of education and entertainment for kids nowadays. Your children can see educational YouTube videos or can play some kid friendly games. These Mobile Devices work wonders for entertainment purpose. Now, It can be really stressful to hand over these devices to children specially when all the important information like Credit cards, Bank details, Emails etc are stored on the device. Luckily, There are few restrictions in Android which can be used to make your Android device safe for children. We are going to walk you thru some best strategies to make Android device safe for kids. So Lets start

Restricted Profile ( Works on Tablets Only )

If you own a Android tablet this method is for you. On all Android tablets running version 4.3+, You can create a easy to manage Restricted profile. This feature is not working for smartphones right now. May be it will work in future, Who knows.

So here is all you need to do to create restricted profile :

Go to your tablet settings and select users. Click on ” Add user or Profile “. You’ll see two options, Add new user OR Restricted profile. You need to select restricted profile. This will allow you to add or remove applications to this user’s profile.

Once you give this new profile a name, you will get a list of applications. Here you can select which apps & games are visible in restricted profile. You can hide all personal apps like Gmail, Facebook, Bank and Contacts. If you see a gear icon on right side with toggle option, that gives you extra control on what app can do in new profile.

tablet settings pic

tablet add new profile

Tablet Restricted user



Tablet settings toggles

You can access your new profile from the notification drawer from any screen. You can also do it from lock screen by clicking on the profile icon on top right side.

What If You Have Android Phone

Restricted profile is a great feature to Make Android Device Safe For Kids but unfortunately not available for phones. But we can still create a new user without app restrictions.  Now to create a new user you need to follow same steps mentioned above. This time, though, you’ll only have the option to select a new User, not a Restricted Profile.

Once new profile is created, you will be prompt to set up new profile now  or later. if you select to set up now it will switch right to new profile. Here you can use your personal google account to login as you are setting it up for your children. Remember one thing, your children can still but games or apps from play store. Any purchases made from play store attached to this google account will be charged to your card.

As you are owner, you can uninstall any application you see fit. You can also turn off ability of making phone calls and sending messages for this user. For this, select user from settings. You will see an option to toggle on and off Phone calls or SMS access. Take a look at this image

Toggle phone calls SMS


Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is a unique feature of Android. it was introduced in 2014 in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Its one of the most handy features when it comes to Make Android Device Safe For Kids. Only problem is its difficult to access if you are not familiar with phone.

So, What is Screen Pinning? It allows to pin any single application on screen and block the access to everything else on the phone. This feature is great if your children want to use it or a game.

Setup Screen Pinning

Go to settings and go to security tab. Scroll down until you find screen pinning. Click on screen pinning and on the top right side you will see a toggle to turn it on or off. Turn it on from the toggle. now you are ready to toggle your first app.

Now to pin your first app, open the app or game you want to pin. Touch the overview or multitask button ( If you are using onscreen buttons, its the square box in right bottom ). Push the little pin icon which is in right bottom side. You have successfully pinned first app.

To unpin app, all you need to do is press and hold the back button and overview button at the same time, and its done.

Take a look at these pictures

Android SettingsToggle Screen PinScreen Pinning Screen Pin Icon

Set a Mobile Data Limit

If you don’t want the screen pinned to one app and would much rather let you child have more freedom with phone, you can set a mobile data limit. This will ensure that your child doesn’t exceed the data limit for the month, which will probably end up saving you some money. To do this, go to settings and select data usage. Here you can either set a limit or even turn off mobile data access.

Some Third Party Applications

If all above methods are not good enough for you and you are looking for more protection, there are some third party apps which you can use to Make Android Device Safe For Kids. These apps provide you more control over apps usage and help you monitor your kid’s phone and tablet usage.

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps available

  • Kid Mode :  Kid Mode provides a safe, educational environment for kids that puts parents in control. This app might be a bit too restricting for some parents, but it’s still a great option if you’re looking to keep your kids as safe as can be.

                      Download Kid Mode App From Play Store

  • Screen Time Parental Control : If you’d like to restrict the amount of time your children have with your mobile device, this app is for you. Screen Time Parental Control allows you to set a daily time limit for application access, block games at bedtime while still allowing reading apps, block all apps at bed time, and much more.

Dowload Screen Time Companion App From Playstore

  • Parental Control : This application is very similar to Kid Mode, but puts a secure, kid-friendly launcher in place atop your normal Android home screen. This will let your children roam freely around the device, giving them access to only the safest apps.

Download Parental Control From Play Store

  • Net Nanny : Net Nanny is a kid-friendly mobile browser that becomes your child’s default browser. This is a highly customizable service, and is probably one of the better options out there if your child wants to browse the web. There’s a 14-day free trial available and after that, the service will cost $12.99 per year for each device. To learn more, visit

Download Net Nanny for Android From Play Store

Android tablets for children

If your child is spending a ton of time with your mobile device, you might want to think about purchasing them their own Android tablet. There are a few good options aimed specifically at kids, but most of them don’t have a good user interface. So I don’t recommend them. Instead, a good option would be to purchase an inexpensive tablet and install some of the apps and restrictions we’ve been talking about. If you want suggestions, you can always go to Contact Us page and send us details like your budget, requirement etc and we will suggest you all the best options available. And if I missed something and you have some good tips to Make Android Device Safe For Kids, please leave comments below.



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