OnePlus Launcher Available On PlayStore


OnePlus Launcher is available on Play Store once again to install. It’s been a trending now a days that big OEM’s making thier apps available to install on Play Store. Earlier, OEM’s were sending these apps packed with there firmware and you will only get update for apps via OTA update. But now a days you get these apps available on Play Store as well. So you don’t have to wait for a system update to get your apps updated. OEM’s are providing apps updates via Play Store. So its a good thing for end user.

Right now OnePlus launcher is available in beta. That means its not completely bugs free. If you want to try it you can from link below. Make sure you accept beta launcher notification. Version available this time is There is no major changes if you compare it with last version. Only minor bugs fixes and improvements are there.

All OnePlus users and install it on their devices. For Instance its compatible with OnePlus devices only but that may change in future.

Now if you think what OnePlus users will do with this if they already got OnePlus Launcher with the phone. Well, not all OnePlus devices came with this launcher packed with firmware. There are some early devices which came with some other launchers. So for those devices you can get latest features of OnePlus laucncher without any system update.

here is the link for Play Store


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