How To Unlock Android Phone Without Loosing Data

Have you forgot you pattern lock? Looking for a way to Recover your device back ? Well, you are at right place.

We all set passwords and pattern locks on our Android phones. It happens alot of times that we just forget our patterns. In that case there is a option to do a hard reset from recovery and get your phone back. If you want more info about that method click here. Although its very easy but in that process you will loose all the data stored in phone. Some people don’t care about that and just want phone back than you can try Hard reset method. But if your data is important to you, Don’t worry we got another method for you to  unlock android phone without loosing data.

What you need :
  1.  A Laptop or PC
  2.  Data cable to connect you phone to computer
  3.  USB drivers for your phone installed in your computer.
  4.  Custom Recovery in Phone ( CWM or TWRP  )
  5.  Fastboot Drivers ( Download )
  6.  Unlocked Bootloader
Now follow these steps to unlock phone without loosing data :
  1. Download and install USB drivers for your phone in computer. you can find drivers for your phone on Google. Just search “download usb drivers ‘your phone’s name or model‘”
  2. Install custom recovery ( Clock work mod OR TWRP ). Again you can search on Google for it. If you are not able to do it,, Go to our contact us page and leave a query. Make sure you mention make and model of your phone and we will get back to you.
  3.  Now you need to reboot your phone in Recovery mode. Every Android phone have different key combinations for it. It can be VOLUME DOWN + POWER KEY, VOLUME UP + POWER KEY, VOLUME DOWN + HOME KEY+ POWER KEY or something like that. You can search for it on google or can leave a query at contact us page.
  4. Download and Extract Fastboot drivers zip file.
  5. From you phone, list you have in recovery mode select Mount and Storage option.
  6.  Then select mount/data/ next list of options.
  7. Now connect your phone to Computer with USB cable.
  8. Open Fastboot Drivers File.Fastboot Drivers
  9. Press & Hold Right Shift button from your keyboard and Right click anywhere in Fastboot folder and select Open Command Window Here option.Fastboot right click
  10. Now you will see CMD window for ADB_Fastboot on Screen.
    Image CMD fastboot drivers
  11. Type Adb Devices to make sure phone is connected to Computer.
  12. If it shows device is connected, proceed futher. If not, check usb drivers or try another USB cable.
  13. Now once you have phone connected, type adb shell in command  prompt window and then type rm/data/system/gesture.key.
  14. Now restart phone from recovery.
  15. And its Done. Once your phone boots up it will not ask for any pattern lock. We unlocked android device without loosing data. If in case phone is still asking for pattern, Draw any pattern and it will open the phone.

NOTE : This tutorial is for educational purpose and to help people only. We will not held responsible for any harm done to you or your devices. Try it on your own risk. We havn’t tried it with all devices but it would work for most of them.


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